ZOLA Electric

ZOLA Electric is the leading renewable energy brand in Africa. We power more than 180,000 homes across 5 countries and provide clean energy access to nearly 1,000,000 people each day.

Over 700 million people in Africa have no electricity access at all. Another 500 million suffer from unreliable and expensive power from generators and antiquated grids. Zola has built a brand, a distribution network, and a technology platform to allow the average home or business to leapfrog the grid and adopt distributed renewable energy.

By providing solar technology that is affordable, accessible and reliable, ZOLA Electric’s offerings allow the average home or business to leapfrog the grid. ZOLA Electric designs renewable energy solutions based on the latest in solar, battery and power electronics technology. Adaptable to energy need and income, ZOLA Electric’s solar systems can be bought over time using PAYGo micro-finance leasing and mobile money payments.