Working from Home as described by ZOLA Electric’s VP Human Capital – Cherilyn Vossberg

Wow, working from home has been interesting, huh? I have to admit, I love avoiding the commute – more time to run with the dog and eat meals with the family, but I do miss the face to face interaction with friends in the office.

In some ways, things haven’t changed much for me and my team. ZOLA is a global business and many regular meetings have always been and continue to be held over video conferencing. Work carries on!

In other ways, things are changing a lot. ZOLA set forth a new, important mission: Ensure energy flows to our more than 1 million customers and Provision energy to the front lines to fight the crisis. To deliver this, we have to reorganize structures, adjust processes, change systems, and update policies. Of course, we are also doing all of this while working remotely and employing additional health precautions.   Together with my colleagues, I have been organizing extra communication, e-learning and engagement moments. It’s important we all stay informed, feel part of the team and have opportunities to ask questions. As we say in ZOLA, we’ll get through this Pamoja, which means “together” in Swahili.

Apply these principles for big, positive impact on those around you:

  1. Stay connected.  Quick daily check-ins with team members, fun chats with colleagues on whatever medium works best for you, and extra leadership visibility.
  2. Have empathy.  Business can be tough and cut-throat.  It is people who do business, however; so show others respect and care.
  3. Hold onto your purpose.  Sometimes, I admit, the day drags when it’s just me and the computer screen.  It means a lot to remember that as I work from home in a nation where reliable power is easy to procure, I am helping others also work from home even if their grid-provided electricity is not readily available or reliable.  Even more importantly, ZOLA products can help save lives!  Remote or emergency medical facilities can use our solutions to stay powered-up, allowing them to help communities when it matters most.

In closing, I confess I wrote this wearing camo sweatpants.  Not quite the usual office attire, but perhaps most of us have taken advantage of the relaxed home-dress-code occasionally!

I wish you well, stay safe, and thanks for reading.

By: Cherilyn Vossberg