Solar energy giants, Zola Electric, moves to support Nigerian businesses post-COVID19

The coronavirus pandemic has hampered economic activities on a global scale. Diminishing to nil revenues have been the hallmark in almost all facets of economic life in Nigeria, due to a nationwide lockdown of most commercial activities.

With the current gradual reopening of the economy, solar power giant ZOLA Electric, in its commitment to the economic wellbeing of host countries has launched a strategic measure to support businesses in Nigeria.

In this recovery phase of commercial activities from the Coronavirus pandemic, ZOLA Electric Nigeria has opened its doors to small distributors for its products at various levels. 

Who can be a distributor?

Any registered business owner with the requisite technical skills and personnel in the renewable energy sector.

What products are available to distributors?

ZOLA Infinity:

INFINITY is the first lithium-ion battery-based hybrid power system explicitly designed for emerging markets. It is designed to be a primary power supply, not a backup. With INFINITY installed, the power grid becomes simply a secondary source of power. Electricity is primarily generated from solar energy. This free source powers loads directly or is stored in a battery for nighttime use.


ZOLA Flex: 

ZOLA FLEX is a plug-and-play, connected, solar and storage hybrid power system. Leveraging optimized design and ultra-efficient appliances, ZOLA FLEX can power the essentials of life 24 hours a day at a price anyone can afford.


Is there a minimum quantity that can be ordered by a distributor? No. 


How can a distributor determine a customer’s need?

ZOLA has a proprietary configuration tool used for an energy audit. The configuration tool is user-friendly and presents different configuration options. 

Is there a backend system for distributors to track how well the ZOLA product is working?

Our engineering team does have access to remote tracking of system performance.

Are installers insured in case of an incident during installation?

Each distributor is responsible for technicians insurance and so is expected to provide evidence of insurance cover from a reputable insurance company. 

How to become a distributor:

  • Visit ZOLA Nigeria Website.
  • Provide the required basic information for qualification.
  • Once qualified, ZOLA will take you through a general orientation.
  • Full hands-on training will be conducted to equip you with the necessary skills to perform efficiently.
  • You can then place and pay for your orders
  • You will be confirmed as a Distributor and will be provided with standard support