ZOLA’s ‘mini-grid’ power system promises to banish blackouts

The electrification gap is widely recognized as one of the primary barriers to development in sub-Saharan African countries.

An estimated 600 million people in the region live without reliable power and all that goes with it.
A growing number of electrical entrepreneurs are stepping into the breach. Companies such as M-Kopa and BBOXX offer contained solar power systems to off-grid communities, and US company Zola Electric — formerly Off Grid Electric — supplies “Solar as a service” to isolated areas.
ZOLA Electric, which recently appointed Tesla alumni Lyndon and Peter Rive to its board, is now launching a new power system that could have an even greater impact.

To Infinity

Zola’s “Infinity” product serves as a standalone “mini grid” that draws on multiple energy inputs and a smart storage system to provide continuous power.
Infinity can be connected to an existing grid, solar power units, and backup generators, switching seamlessly between them when they fail. The lithium battery also stores energy so that power is maintained if all inputs fail at the same time, according to its makers.
The system “optimizes energy sources” according to CEO Bill Lenihan.
“If the sun is out and solar is working I can use solar to power my battery,” he says. “If the grid is on and the sun is down I can use grid power. If the sun is down and the grid is off and my battery is not powerful enough to turn on a fridge I might prioritize the generator.”
CNN observed one of the first demonstrations of the technology applied to various high-consumption devices such as hairdryers in the company’s San Francisco headquarters. The system is described as “infinitely scalable” – a large enough version of the kit could serve a mid-sized business.