Erick is our Managing Director for ZOLA Tanzania. He responsible for accelerating business growth and providing overall leadership for operations in Tanzania, which was Off Grid Electric’s first market in Africa. Erick was one of ZOLA’s first hires in Tanzania, and helped build our service department from the ground up. As our Tanzanian managing director, Erick stands out as true testament to our internal talent development programs and affirms our commitment to training and promoting strong Tanzanian talent.

Customer 5

ZOLA’s reliable 24 hour power systems help Mr X run his business – with a modular system Mr X can simply add expansion systems to boost his power supply as his needs grow

Customer 4

ZOLA help our customers to power their kitchens and livings rooms with reliable 24 hour AC power

Customer 3

ZOLA helps small and medium businesses to power their commercial business needs with reliable 24 hour AC power

Erasto Gideon

Reliable light and power help Erasto of Kimandolu, Arusha, Tanzania to keep his
tailoring business open for longer. Charging his mobile phone is critical for business and personal connections. Elasto claims that he earns 20% more than before that’s close to 15$ a day a result of using ZOLA.


One of our first customers, Grace, started using our products to grow her business. Grace and her family have a small farm behind their home in Arusha. They opened a small shop at the front of their house to sell produce and other goods to their neighbors.

With solar technology, Grace is able to keep her shop open an extra four hours each night. This can generate an extra four dollars of income each day which is a significant increase where typical earnings are under a dollar per day. She also makes a tidy sum charging phones for customers who don’t have power in their homes. The community can gather to listen to news or enjoy music on her solar-powered radio and now Grace offers meals as well.


Hi everyone! I am Oluwatomi – you can call me Tomi. Technically, I have four years experience as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and personally, I have decades of experience of cooking tasty dishes, reading articles and listening to good music. Working at Interswitch was a great experience for me as I learnt about what makes a FinTech tick, met great people and contributed to ensuring our customers were always satisfied with our services. When not testing, I like going out with friends and family. I am excited joining ZOLA.


Mabel is ZOLA Electric Human Capital Manager for our Ghana operations. She has a wealth of Human Capital experience and particularly in HC consulting with business. She joined ZOLA from GN Bank where she was a Human Capital Business Partner. She is passionate about people development and she has already started making an impact on the people side in ZOLA Electric. She holds an MBA from the University of Ghana Business School.


Hijja joined ZOLA Electric’s Tanzania operations in 2015 as a customer sales and service agent. Since that time, Hiija has registered more than 1500 solar home systems powering 7000 lives. Hijja’s hard work, dedication and exceptional performance helped him to rise in the ranks and he is now a full-time employee of ZOLA Electric.

Dotimiye (Doye)

Doye is Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for ZOLA Electric Nigeria. Doye has a Bachelor in Computer Science (University of Lagos) and an MBA, Business Administration (Carnegie Mellon). He has built an impressive career, working in senior level positions in a broad array of sectors including commercial products, consumer products, services and private equity. He’s worked with a number of world class companies including Charles Schwab, Exxon Mobile and even our largest shareholder, Helios Investment Partners when he was Chief Commercial Officer for Helios Towers Africa. Doye was raised in Nigeria, currently resides there and has extensive experience working in Africa, London and New York