Access to the internet and the incredible educational resources available online are impossible without power. A fully charged mobile phone and access to television are critical to nurture curiosity and social connections. Reliable lighting means safety, security and more productive hours in the evening.

Children all need power to learn. Access to the internet and the ability to use online educational resources via a fully charged smartphone are critical to achieve high quality educational outcomes. 

At a community level, schools in low-income areas across the world are also negatively affected by ever increasing fuel costs. Put simply, they are unable to afford power from the grid, power that in many cases is created through the burning of fossil fuels. This is where renewable solutions like solar projects in schools can prove invaluable by reducing harmful air pollution, helping the environment and cutting electricity costs. 

Most importantly of all, students get a safe, healthy learning environment which will help them achieve their academic potential and begin to close the education gap between developed and developing countries.