Most powerful cost effective solar solution available

ZOLA FLEX MAX is a solar system that combines the traditional DC solar home system technology (solar panel, battery, controllers and LED lighting) with the ability to charge from the grid and to power AC & DC appliances.

More Powerful

Top of Market Inverter Capacity, Top of Market Appliance Suite, Top of Market Battery Capacity

Fridge Compatible

Designed to power a DC refrigerator or an inverter (high-efficiency) AC Fridge


Can be used with or without grid and with both AC and (ZOLA and 3rd party) DC appliance

Data Enabled

Shared detailed power flow and performance summaries via GSM and ZOLA VISION

How the product works

ZOLA FLEX is the first  “Plug & Play” SMART POWER PACK that enables you to power and charge your essential appliances effortlessly when the grid is unavailable.  ZOLA FLEX MAX’s ability to charge from the grid when available and to power both AC and DC appliances it gives users the ability to power:

How it links to
ZOLA Vision

Each ZOLA FLEX system includes GSM connectivity. This feature allows ZOLA to access data collected on both the system state and a detailed power flow and performance summaries within the system. This data enables you to perform the following tasks:

  1. To monitor system performance.
  2. To troubleshoot in case of problems.
  3. To automatically receive updates to the system.

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