Smart & scalable energy solutions

ZOLA Infinity is an energy management technology that integrates solar power and energy storage with any source of power, including the grid or generator, creating a primary power source delivering reliable, affordable and clean Power Anywhere


Faster than UPS Transfer

INFINITY is a “parallel power” system. Its advanced real-time controls enable the micro-inverters to seamlessly adapt to the voltage & frequency of the grid whilst charging or discharging the batteries as needed. With Infinity, when the grid fails, power loads instantly transition to the Infinity system. The loads are not affected by a disconnection delay of the transfer switch, unlike a standard inverter which delays in powering on, resulting in a momentary loss of power and damaged appliances.

Integrated Payment & Theft Prevention

ZOLA Infinity allows an automated processing of payments and credit management that provides the ability to remotely buy credits at any time through a range of platforms. INFINITY is also designed with GPS triangulation and is embedded with an algorithm in the firmware to protect against power theft.

Infinitely Scalable Energy

This decentralized and modular concept allows it to scale infinitely. INFINITY is a scalable solution that optimizes energy from multiple sources i.e sun, grid, generator for the lowest cost and highest uptime.

How the product works

Unlike conventional solar-battery solutions; INFINITY’s simple-to-install micro-inverter solar panels convert solar energy directly to AC power. INFINITY has everything in a single box and solar is directly connected using simple connectors. Infinity is the first lithium-ion battery-based hybrid power system explicitly designed for emerging markets. With INFINITY installed, you can optimize energy from multiple sources for the lowest cost and highest uptime

How it links to ZOLA Vision

VISION comes with a cloud base dashboard and a smartphone app for real time tracking and monitoring. It manages itself so you don’t have to thatway, INFINITY automatically monitors, manages, and communicates its own performance to make power solutions easier to use.

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