Software and App that help you manage and monitor your ZOLA systems

ZOLA VISION is a channel through which we maintain a trusted relationship with our customers and distributors, empower their growth and enrich their lives by giving them control over their power

ZOLA Vision Key Features

Real-time data & notifications

It gives you insights into every system performance, remote, insights, charging status and battery notifications

Controls for PAYGO or rebooting

Easy access to necessary financing information about your systems and also access to remotely restart your systems

Monitor & Troubleshooting

Enables you to observe and track system's performance, analyse and resolve error messages

Quality Assuarance & Validation

It ensures that installations are reported timely in a systematic manner and can be verified remotely.

How ZOLA Vision Works

The app lets our customers enjoy power in their home or business without worry and gives them control over their available power sources in a cost-effective way while with our Vision Desktop SaaS, Our distributors and partners can troubleshoot multiple systems, Manage, Control & Get notifications on your system’s power supply remotely at a click of a button.

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