Warranty Portal

Warranty Service Claims Process

The purpose of this information is to educate all stakeholders on the guidelines for warranty service claims.

For the customers seeking warranty claims

Step 1: Distributor – Complete warranty claims form and initiate forward logistics

Step 2: Customer Service – Receive system and enter system details

Step 3: ZOLA Service Center  – Receives system, open a work order form and initiate diagnosis task and  inspect system for warranty claims validation 

Step 4: Diagnosis Report Communication – within 36 hours of equipment receipt

  • Warranty claims status – Void or not void
  • Warranty position – operational or non-operational
  • Faulty components needing repairs or replacement
  • Cost of repair, replacement or repairs/replacement as the case may be
  • Total cost of the service tasks including tax(es) – Invoice
  • Expected date of task completion 

Step 5:  Distributor makes a decision

  • Instruction to proceed (ITP) with repairs via email and  phone call
  • Only proceed with service task where ITP is given by customer/distributor
    • ITP Rejected: Do nothing to the system
    • ITP Approved:
      •  Proceed with fault resolution task (repair, replacement or both)
      • Quality Control (QC) test and certify system functionality

Step 6: Service Center Faults Resolution Task – within 72 hours of instruction to proceed with service task

  • Replace/Repair
    • Proceed with required task SOP for specific service parts replacement, repairs or both
    • System quality control checks (QC) test
      • Fail QC: Repeat SOP for specific service parts replacement, repairs or both
      • Pass QC: 

Step 7: Work completion communication to customer/Distributor

  • Customer Service – Communicate task completion- email and phone call 
  • Advice customer/distributor to initiate reverse logistics
  • Confirm payment where required
    • YES: Test and sign off the system
    • NO: Retain System until payment is made, maximum 72 hours

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