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FLEX FAN and FLEX BOOM only work with ZOLA appliances received at installation other than mobile phones which can be charged with USB. Please only charge 1 phone at a time when using the FLEX  USB CHARGER.

FLEX POWER 1 includes the FLEX INVERTER which can power any AC device up to a maximum of 65W.

All ZOLA appliances are available to buy for cash and will work with your system



There are many ways in which the ZOLA INFINITY system differs from comparative emerging market solar home systems. The most important include: 

  • Complete solution offering a diversity of features and benefits not available in any other single product.
  • Your power is uninterrupted and does not disrupt your life.
  • Your power solution automatically manages itself so you don’t have to.
  • Your power can grow with your changing needs

You have the most cost-effective power over the product’s lifetime, designed to be more than five years.

Each solar panel is equipped with INFINITY box that acts as a current inverter while also maximizing the amount of power produced by the panel.

A Parallel Power Unit is a new micro-inverter technology that is in use on millions of PV panels around the world. An INFINITY system uses a PPU with every panel

Yes. INFINITY operates together with the grid without needing a transfer switch. This means that when the grid power fails there’s no interruption in electricity supply.

INFINITY mimics the operation of large modern grids, where hundreds of generators are coordinated with a combination of local and supervisory controls. Each INFINITY box responds to local frequency and voltage measurements from the primary battery. The primary battery also has the ability to control how much power flows to and from external power sources.

When the disturbances in the grid’s voltage are small, the INFINITY box can compensate for them by injecting power during dips and consuming power during surges.

When power quality cannot be controlled by the INFINITY box because of larger grid disturbances, INFINITY operates in standalone mode until the grid becomes stable again.

The embedded computer decides how to serve the load and whether to charge the battery based on economics. For example, if the grid fails and a backup generator is available, it will only use it when the energy from the system’s PV panels is not enough to serve the load. 

During normal grid operation, INFINITY takes into account the amount of charge in the battery, time of day, and past outage patterns to decide if it should charge from the grid in anticipation of a possible outage.

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